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Faculty Publication Spotlight: James Gould

James Gould and Carol Grant Gould are celebrating the release of their new book Animal Architects, which we own two copies of in the Biology Library (Call Number: QL756 .G57 2007). According to the book jacket:

Animal Architects examines animal architecture across a range of species, from those whose blueprints are largely innate (such as spiders and their webs) to those whose challenging structures seem to require intellectual insight, planning, and even aesthetics (such as bowerbirds’ nests, or beavers’ dams). Beginning with instinct and the simple homes of solitary insects, James and Carol Gould move on to conditioning; the “cognitive map” and how it evolved; and the role of planning and insight. Finally, they reflect on what animal building tells us about the nature of human intelligence-showing why humans, unlike many animals, need to build castles in the air.

Animal Architects was recently reviewed in the May 3rd issue of Nature. Congratulations Jim!

Read and Enjoy,


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