If you’re a senior, all you can think about this month is: Finals! Reunions! Graduation! But slow down—these are the last days you’ll get to spend with your 2011 classmates before embarking on a new chapter of life. Take the time to enjoy each other’s company one last time.

One goal I have had this week is to find out where all my friends will be after college, so I can continue to keep in touch. I have been surprised by some of their answers: three of my friends are starting their own respective companies, many are going into finance in New York or Chicago, two brave friends are moving to Singapore for PIA, and another to Mississippi as a TFA instructor, and three are starting law school in the fall. It is exciting, to me, that my one group of friends breaks down into such a diverse range of career paths, but then again, that’s Princeton for you. We all started in Forbes College, we all like to travel and listen to music, but somehow, we are going to end up on opposite sides of the country or world, all doing what we love in different industries. Though I always imagined us leaving Princeton as a unit, I think everyone’s post-graduation plans fit their career and life goals, and will make for much better (and happier) conversations at reunions to come.

Talking to my friends about their post-graduation plan got me thinking: What is the rest of the class of 2011 doing? So, I asked some seniors to sit down with me on camera and share their plans, and here’s a video with their responses: