It’s NOT Too Late to Land a Summer Internship!

Does it seem like everyone has an internship this summer?  Your best friend, your boyfriend, your best friend’s boyfriend, your preceptor, your preceptor’s boyfriend…just about everyone, that is, except you. If this is the case, don’t give up hope!

Many summer internships aren’t secured until April or May. It’s not too late to find the internship that is the right fit for you. Stay focused,  search smart, and be bold. Here are some tips I found:

  1. A lot of jobs re-open applications right about now. A lot of employers, especially in publishing, media, and nonprofit, may not even begin hiring until the spring months. Check out It has a selection of internships in media—all posted recently.
  2. Are you finding internship with expired deadlines? You can sort your search results by upcoming deadlines in TigerTracks and UCAN. When conducting your TigerTracks search, go to the top bar of your internship search results, put your mouse over “date posted” and click “Application deadline.” Or, go to UCAN and under “sort by:” at the top, select “deadline.” UCAN still has over 1,300 summer internships you can apply for in a variety of fields.
  3. As you might imagine, four times as many people apply for paid internships than for unpaid internships on If are still considering an unpaid internship, now might be a good time to apply. Here’s a link to some other advice on finding internships late in the game:
  4. Keep a discerning eye. Watch out for bogus internships and stay focused on your goals. Try going to the pull-down tab at the top of the Career Services website and click on “Online Resources.” The “Specifically Internships” page aggregates internship search engines specific to your interests, industry, and preferred location. is one of the most interesting links listed. This site lists adventurous, short-term summer jobs, from safari guides in Alaska to International volunteer opportunities. Here’s a link to Career Service’s Online Resources, which is a good place to start: And here’s a link on detecting a bogus internships:
  5. Don’t overlook networking as a way to tap into unadvertised or non-posted internships. Be sure to reach out to family, friends, alumni, and other professional contacts to explore potential opportunities they may be aware of. To search the Alumni Careers Network for alumni in your field of interest, click here.

Lastly, to pull your “just-in-time” strategy together, schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor for personalized guidance.

Best of luck!