3 Job and Internship Search Strategies You Won’t Want to Miss

by Casey Brown ’14

So you’ve got the nuts and bolts down pat. Well, I have some strategies that will make your job search tool box that much shinier.

  1. Thank You Note Networking. Cold emails to an alumn on the ACN is something great to do, but wouldn’t it be easier if you already had background with the person you’re emailing? We’ve been growing up writing thank you notes for decades—for birthday gifts, holiday goodies, etc. If you attended a Career Fair in the past yew weeks, do send a thank-you note to recruiters. Same goes for after a Princeternship, summer internship, or informational interview. Networking can and should be courteous, and one of the best ways to make that happen is to show gratitude for positive professional time spent together.
  2. The Daily Emails. You don’t have to write me a thank-you note, but you probably will thank me later. Back in the dark ages (2013), I used to pour over internship databases and scour pages upon pages looking for that one, magic job. What was I doing? Today, it’s 2014, and on most major databases, you can save searches AND get email updates if a new job is added to your search results.
  3. Juniors, yes, now. If you’re looking to apply to something next year that may need extensive prep, now is the time. If you’re asking for references, junior spring is the ideal time. That way, your recommenders will have all summer to work on it for you, you can open a credentials file, and come fall, you can focus on your work. If you’re taking a standardized test, start thinking about test prep this summer. And finally, if you’re setting up a portfolio or personal website, start the project before finishing is immanent. Yes, all this prep may not be necessary, but it will let you have the moderately-paced senior year you’ve dreamed about!

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