Adding citations

Inserting notes and citations

Code to insert footnote is [ footnote number. footnote text]Square brackets followed by something that WordPress recognizes as an instruction is a common way to add a feature to a page. On this site, a plugin called “FD Footnotes” has been enabled. To make a footnote, type a number and the footnote text, all surrounded by square brackets, as in this example: 1 I’ll try to keep the numbers sequential for my footnotes, but if I skip a number or move a footnote, it doesn’t matter. The plugin will renumber them in the order they appear. You need to look at your post in edit mode to see these examples inline. 2 The FD Footnotes plugin needs to be activated for this to work. If it is not, ask a site administrator to activate it in the Plugins section of the Dashboard for your site.

  1. This is a footnote.
  2. Another footnote.

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