The Pinnion plugin

The Princeton WordPress environment has the Pinnion plugin enabled upon request per site. Each site requires a Pinnion account, which in the case of course blogs, will be set up by a blog administrator. Only those with administrator-level blog access can created a Pinnion poll.

The login and password for the Pinnion site for your course should be already entered into the Pinnion settings for your particular blog.

If Pinnion is activated for your blog, you will see the Pinnion tool in your WYSIWYG text editor:

Pinnion icon

Upon selecting the Pinnion icon, you will get a drop-down list of completed polls and surveys. You can select from this list.

To build a new Pinion poll, select the Pinnion option from the Dashboard menu, and go to Editor.

Select the option to make a “New Pinion.”Editing screen for Pinnion

Follow the steps in the editor to describe your poll, to write questions, and to “Send.” your poll. The last step will make your poll active. You can set dates to make your poll active and to expire your poll.

Hint: if you want to give user feedback regarding correct answers, use the “Setting” tab in the Quesiton editor to set the quiz type to “Trivia.” You will then be able to indicate which is the correct answer.

Settingquestion type to "Trivia" in Pinnion





Remember to “Send” your poll to publish it, and set the Distribution Settings so that your poll lasts through the end of the grading period for your course.Send dialogue in Pinnion editor








To insert the poll in a page (or post) use the text editing toolbar, and the Pinnion button described above. You’ll have to select your poll from a list of others, so name it carefully.

Insert a Pinnion Poll into your page or post

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