Election Night 08

For those members of CSDP's extended (and extensive) scholarly community who will be in Princeton this election night, please join us in Robertson Hall on the university campus. Election night activities at the Woodrow Wilson School begin at 7pm in Dodds Auditorium with a panel offering predictions, insights, and analyses: What We Expect to See Tonight and What It Will Mean, featuring comments from: Christopher Achen, Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences, Professor of Politics; Larry Bartels, Donald E. Stokes Professor of Public and International Affairs, Professor of Politics, and Director of CSDP; Rep. James Leach, John L. Weinberg/Goldman Sachs Visiting Professor; and Nolan McCarty, Susan Dod Brown Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, and Associate Dean, Woodrow Wilson School.

Watch this site as the evening wears on -- WWS MPA students will post their real-time reactions as the votes come in and states are called, on the CSDP Election 2008 blog

About this site

The mission of Princeton’s Center for the Study of Democratic Politics at the Woodrow Wilson School is to promote empirical research on democratic processes and institutions.  That broad mandate has attracted a diverse collection of faculty, students, and visitors pursuing a wide variety of research topics. However, the American electoral process has been a recurrent focus of interest for many of the scholars associated with CSDP and a frequent topic of conferences, colloquia, and other events sponsored by the Center.  As the 2008 campaign unfolds, we thought it might be helpful and fun to collect the election-related research, analyses, and offbeat insights of our extended scholarly community, both for our own edification and as a resource for others interested in how political scientists are thinking about the election.  We welcome contributions, comments, and suggestions. For more about the people and activities of CSDP, please visit our website, http://www.princeton.edu/~csdp/. To post a comment, click the "speech bubble."

  — Larry M. Bartels, Director

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