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Knovel subscriptions include 60 percent of top universities in the world - 09 May 2007

Web-based information services provider Knovel Corporation, US, recently announced that 60 percent of the 50 top universities in the world, as listed by the Times Higher Education Supplement, are now Knovel subscribers. New subscriptions at UCLA, UC San Diego and Sydney University are projected to give Knovel coverage of 60 percent of the top universities worldwide.

Furthermore, 80 percent of the top 20 US engineering schools*, as ranked by US News and World Reports in 2007, are Knovel subscribers. Subscribers in the top 50 universities worldwide include University of Melbourne, ETH, Zurich, University of Michigan, University of British Columbia, Washington University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of California, San Diego.

Knovel is a science and technology reference library used by students, academics, scientists and practitioners globally. It contains over 1,100 reference works and databases from more than 40 international publishers and learned societies which are integrated onto the online research platform for easy information discovery. Its interactive platform brings together essential content and advanced workflow solutions to provide researchers with practical new ways of quickly finding and applying critical data.

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