Exporting References from Engineering Village to Endnote and Refworks

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EndNote and RefWorks are 2 bibliographic citation manager programs which are provided by the University. Audrey Wright, in connection with OIT and the Library has written and taught about the use of these citing services. (From the Princeton University Library homepage, see “Citing Sources” under Research Help.) Here are links to general, starting information about these programs: Getting started with Endnote 8 Using RefWorks at Princeton

INSPEC and Compendex (Engineering Village 2)

  1. Do a search, check desired citations, then click on “Download”.

  2. Select “RIS, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager” on the Download selected records screen then click on “Download”.

  3. In the Windows Open screen, navigate to the directory which contains the library where you want to save the records, and double-click on the library file name. The records are now saved in your library.

From RefWorks, the procedure is just about the same:

  1. Open/login to RefWorks.

  2. Login to Engineering Village 2 — Compendex, INSPEC, or both

  3. Run the search and select the references

  4. Click on “Download” and choose “RefWorks”

  5. Click on the “Download” button again and the RefWorks screen will open with the imported file, waiting for you to add it to an existing folder, or a newly created one.

Both of these resources do have many “filters” whereby one can run specific database searches — including library catalogs — within the bibliographic manager programs. To make sure that you can take advantage of all the nuances of the specific database, it is more likely that you’ll want to run the search in the specific database, then download (or import).

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