BioRad (KnowITAll) spectra database

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IRspec_small.jpg Bio-Rad is a new subscription database among the Princeton University database offerings. It “represents a powerful combination of reference data, tools, and technologies that will assist faculty, staff, and students in their scholarly research.” It contains 1.3 million spectra and is growing. It is mainly comprised of:

All Bio-Rad Sadtler spectra, 390,000 IR, NMR, Raman, and mass spectra (including UV-Vis and additional NMR in Q4)

All John Wiley & Sons spectra 845,000 IR, NIR, NMR, and mass spectra

All spectra of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Robien / Universität Wien 117,000 NMR spectra

SpectraBaseâ„¢ community database A peer-reviewable database of NMR, IR, UV-Vis, Raman, NIR, and mass spectra edited and reviewed by selected members of the community

Bio-Rad’s spectroscopy, cheminformatics, and chemometrics software for Microsoft Windows provides scientific researchers multiple tools such as database building, management, search, analysis, prediction, structure drawing, and reporting. (MACs require a PC emulator.)

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