Rhetoric for Engineers

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Rhetoric for Engineers [ http://www.tcnj.edu/~rgraham/rhetoric/ ]

“As a field of study, rhetoric has enjoyed a popular resurgence in at the college level, and when deployed effectively, various rhetorical devices can make any piece of writing much more compelling. Ron Graham has created this site designed to help engineers and “other practical people” with the practice and art of rhetoric. The site includes a summary of basic rhetoric, along with some “Two-Minute Drills”, which are designed to help engineers with developing answers to questions like “Are engineers made or born?” and “Define ‘reliability’”. Visitors can also look over the site’s complete contents via an interactive guide which covers everything from abstraction to workplace distractions.” One can also subscribe to the Rhetoric for Engineers mailing list. From the “Scout Report”, Univ. of Wisconsin, Feb. 15, 2008

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