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FierceBioresearcher is a free weekly newsletter that provides alerts of very interesting research that is going on in the PHARMA industry. There are usually links to articles and reports. Occasionally there are conference notices, and announcements of industry reports, e.g.: “The BioWorld Diabetes Report 2008: Developments and Opportunities in Drugs and Devices”.

“FierceBioResearcher gives you the must-know scientific breakthroughs, tools, techniques and news about the biotech research industry. Critical areas covered include drug discovery and development, preclinical research, nanotechnology, genomic research, bioinformatics, and stem cell research. Sign up today to receive your “insiders only” weekly briefing for free.”

Topics Covered — from their website:

Drug Discovery Preclinical Research Pharmacology Genomics Proteomics Cell Biology Molecular Biology Tissue Culture Cell Culture GCP / GLP / GMP Lab Equipment

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