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Knovel News

120 new volumes have been added to Knovel. Here are 4 from the category of Electrical and Power and Engineering:

  1. Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles
  2. Fuel Cells, Engines and Hydrogen - An Exergy Approach
  3. Electromagnetic Theory Instantaneous Power Theory
  4. Applications to Power Conditioning

One of Knovel’s most popular titles, this 2nd edition of Knovel Critical Tables has been updated and enhanced with over 40 new interactive tables. A total of more than 16,000 new records have been added.

New tables have been introduced in areas including:

Electrical Properties Thermal Expansion Transport and Flow Density and Compressibility Vaporization and Vapor Pressure Reaction, Thermodynamics and Equilibrium

To see the Spring 2008 newsletter and get tips and demos, visit:

It includes an example of a “fielded” search for the tensile and compressive properties of materials — of which it contains thousands.

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