American Institute of Physics (AIP) Conference Proceedings

Princeton University Library subscribes to all of the AIP Conference Proceedings. They are available online before they are cataloged in our Main Catalog. One can subscribe to the alerts.
The latest title, Physics of Sustainable Energy, may be of great interest. Also, one of the papers is by Professor Robert Socolow.

AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 1044

PHYSICS OF SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: Using Energy Efficiently and Producing It Renewably

Berkeley (California), 1-2 March 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7354-0572-1

David Hafemeister, California Polytechnic State University
B. Levi, Physics Today
M. Levine, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
P. Schwartz, California Polytechnic State University

Finding Software for Real World Jobs

Construction Software Advice is an Internet resource designed to help contractors, architects and engineers research and select software. The site provides information for software selection and implementation, as well as detailed software product profiles and reviews. Using Software Advice, engineering and construction companies can gain access to:

A sophisticated search capability that recommends products based on a buyers’ construction industry/trade, company size and specific functional requirements;
Detailed profiles of each software product, including screen shots, key differentiators and detailed feature lists;
Comparisons of recommended construction project management software systems, estimating systems and job costing programs, based on the software functionality and technological underpinnings; and,
A wealth of articles, white papers and evaluation tools.

Photonics — a new global vertical search site

“New vertical search site for the global photonics community – 16 Sep 2008

Vertical search services and technologies provider Convera Corporation, US, has announced the launch of, a vertical search site for the global photonics industry, in conjunction with IOP Publishing. Wholly owned by the Institute of Physics, IOP Publishing is an international leader in scientific publishing and electronic dissemination of information and news in the field of physics.

Each of the thousands of websites included in the database has been personally selected by the editors of and Optics & Laser Europe magazine, both produced by IOP Publishing. The database includes the sites of leading photonics companies, key optics organisations and research centers, as well as other information sources such as journals, magazines, and news-based websites.”

Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter

Large Hadron Collider — images & story from “New Scientist” – NEWSFLASH*

See the first images of proton collisions from the Large Hadron Collider and read our physics editor’s report from CERN:

And watch our whistlestop video tour of the LHC here:

Professional Engineering Publishing Launches Engineering Conferences Online

Professional Engineering Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (, has launched Engineering Conferences Online (ECO), a new online publishing service for conference organizers. ECO ( provides conference organizers with a new way of disseminating important engineering research that would normally be very difficult or impossible to locate in traditional book or CD formats. Papers in ECO will usually be available free of charge on an open access basis and will be fully referenced using DOIs.

ECO has been designed specifically to meet the demands of hosting conference proceedings online. Conferences on ECO feature further information about each conference including links to the conference website, event location, and event date. For the purposes of ECO a new website architecture has been created to ensure that the service was designed specifically for conferences rather than replicating the structure of an electronic journal. ECO plans to forge new partnerships with conference organizers that will give their content a much wider readership in the future.”

Source: Professional Engineering Publishing

Source: Newsbreaks, from Information Today, Inc., Sept. 4, 2008