Safari Books Online accessible on iPhones & iPods

“Safari Books Online introduces Apple mobile integration with Safari Bookbag – 30 Oct 2008

Safari Books Online, a US-based e-reference joint venture between publishers O’Reilly Media, Inc. and Pearson Technology Group, has announced Safari Bookbag, allowing the download of chapter and full book PDFs to the iPhone and iPod touch. Safari Bookbag can be installed via the Apple App Store for no additional cost. Safari Books Online claims to be the first online publisher to open their entire library to iPhone and iPod touch users.

Safari Books Online chose to integrate with Apple devices as its first mobile platforms after conducting a survey of its users. Among the respondents, 50 percent indicated the iPhone or iPod touch was the mobile device they used. The company plans to continue rapid expansion of its mobile strategy with other devices and readers in the months to come.

Bookbag users can synch their Apple devices with the ‘My Downloads’ section of their Safari Books Online accounts, which houses PDF versions of books that have been downloaded. To access titles on the iPhone or iPod touch, users can select the chapter of the book they want to download by simply tapping on the title of the book. With the Bookbag application, any iPod touch or iPhone with Internet access (Edge, Wi-Fi, 3G) can automatically transfer chapters of books from the Safari library. Once the books are downloaded, the PDFs can be read and accessed at any time, even without an Internet connection.”

Source: Today’s Knowledgespeak Newsletter.

Energy Statistics Database

Energy Statistics Database
United Nations Statistics Division – UNSD

The Energy Statistics Database contains comprehensive energy statistics on more than 215 countries, areas and regions on the production, trade and intermediate and final consumption (end-use) for primary and secondary conventional, non-conventional and new and renewable sources of energy. The complete Energy Statistics dataset, covering the period from 1990 on, is available in electronic format.

Explore Energy Statistics Database at UNdata

Energy Statistics Home page
Online data


Discovered via The Scout Report — October 24, 2008, under UN Data

DTIC Online portal deploys Deep Web Technologies’ MultiSearch interface

“Search solutions provider Deep Web Technologies, US, has launched an updated interface for the Defense Technical Information Center’s new DTIC Online research portal ( DTIC is part of the US’ Department of Defense (DOD). The interface, known as MultiSearch, offers four defence search channels from a single drop-down menu, allowing users to access a collection of scientific and defence-related resources in one simultaneous search. The search employs the latest version of Deep Web Technologies’ Explorit Research Accelerator, which is seen to provide ‘smart’ clustering, encyclopedia sidebars from Wikipedia, and EurekAlert! science news.”

“DTIC Online was created specifically for the defence community. MultiSearch can be accessed from the pull-down menu by selecting ‘Federal S&T’ or by going directly to ( search is free and much of the content is available at no cost. Some content – like that accessed through Scitopia – can be purchased on a pay-per-view basis or accessed by a subscription.”

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Microplasmas — special issue of Journal of Physics D

Journal of Physics D announces online publication of Cluster Issue on Microplasmas – 30 Sep 2008

The Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, published by IOP publishing, has announced the online publication of a Cluster Issue on Microplasmas. The papers in this Cluster Issue originate from the fourth International Workshop on Microplasmas.

Guest edited by Chih C Chao, Jiunn-Der Liao and Juu-En of the Chang National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, the Cluster Issue contains twelve accepted articles, covering four categories – fundamentals and basics, environmental, biomedical and industrial applications. The papers are currently free to download from the journal’s website at These papers will remain freely available for the next 3 months.

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics reports significant new results in all aspects of applied physics research. The journal welcomes experimental, computational (including simulation and modelling) and theoretical studies, and also studies in physics-related areas of biomedical and life sciences. It covers research across many areas of applied physics, including magnetism, semiconductors, photonics, surfaces and interfaces, and plasmas.”

Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter.

Since the University maintains 1 online and 2 paper (Engineering & Lewis) subscriptions, I would hope that even after 3 months, these contents would still be available to us!