IBISWorld Recession Updates

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IBISWorld, a Princeton subscription database for Industry Market Research, has developed a recession update supplement to its industry reports. These updates are available for all 700 industries in the database and “provide a briefing on today’s rapidly changing economy and the short-term implications for an industry.”

To view the recession update for an industry, first go to IBISWorld. Select the “Industry Market Research” database from the drop down menu or click the button. Then either search or navigate to a particular industry. Once you have selected an industry, click the orange Recession Update link from the Table of Contents menu on the left.

The Recession Update provides information on the immediate impact on the industry, headwind, tailwind, structural changes, future of the industry, and forcasts.

The following link, for example, provides a Recession Update for the Bar, Nightclub and Drinking Establishment industry. http://www.ibisworld.com/industry/RecessionUpdate.aspx?indid=1685

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