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Top 20 Countries in Engineering

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Last month put out a ranking of the top 20 countries in engineering. The ranking is based on "the highest total citations to their papers published in Thomson Reuters-indexed journals of Engineering over an 11-year period." You can view the list below, or read about it here.

Ranked by Citations
Rank       Field Papers Citations Citations Per Paper
1 USA  202,141 1,115,430 5.52
2 JAPAN  66,882 237,154 3.55
3 GERMANY  46,643 231,381 4.96
4 ENGLAND  47,910 227,272 4.74
5 PEOPLES R CHINA  64,435 201,881 3.13
6 FRANCE  38,455 186,951 4.86
7 CANADA  34,015 149,229 4.39
8 ITALY  33,372 146,901 4.4
9 TAIWAN  27,786 96,036 3.46
10 SOUTH KOREA  30,013 91,955 3.06
11 SPAIN  21,025 88,569 4.21
12 AUSTRALIA  17,407 81,127 4.66
13 NETHERLANDS  13,727 74,175 5.4
14 INDIA  23,382 68,534 2.93
15 SWITZERLAND  10,481 67,600 6.45
16 RUSSIA  22,847 58,059 2.54
17 SWEDEN  10,608 57,944 5.46
18 BELGIUM  8,999 49,792 5.53
19 SINGAPORE  11,744 48,797 4.16
20 TURKEY  11,962 41,586 3.48 is put out by Thomas Reuters, makers of the popular citation searching database Web of Science, and offers a wealth of information and tools to keep you up to date with new research in science, technology, and medicine. Some of the useful resources from include:  New Hot Papers lists new papers that are among the top tenth of a percent in citations for the last bimonthly period and Research Front Maps creates a visual representation of links between new highly cited papers in a particular field.


New Government Data sources

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Both the United States and Canada launched new data web portals this month.

datagov.gif is the United States' new data website offering a limited number of datasets in a broad range of categories including: Energy and Utilities, Science and Technology, and Transportation among others. Two searchable catalogs are provided, a raw data catalog and a tools catalog with links to data mining tools. A video tutorial is available at You can also make recommendations for datasets that are not already included. To read the Whitehouse press release visit


In Canada, the National Research Council launched the new Gateway to Scientific Data which provides access to Canadian scientific, technical and medical data sets as well as information for scientists on best practices for managing data. The Scientific Data Sets cover a wide range of subjects including Aerospace, Biochemistry, Environment, Geosciences, Physics, and Thermodynamics among others. To learn more or search the data sets visit

Research Forum Today

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ASCE Journals "Preview Manuscripts"

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The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) now publishes pre-print copies of manuscripts online within 72 hours of of acceptance to an ASCE journal, making information available months before the copyedited version is available online and in print. According to ASCE:

"Preview papers are functionally integrated into ASCE's Research Library and all papers are searchable. Preview papers are also included in the e-mail notification of new papers, which can be requested through the ASCE Research Library's email alerting system."

To read more about ASCE Preview Manuscripts and how to cite them visit: or to search the ASCE Research Library visit:

ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center

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Princeton University Libraries has a five day trial to ASM International’s Alloy Phase Diagram Center. This online tool “allows subscribers to explore, search and view more than 28,000 binary and ternary phase diagrams and associated phase data for more than 6,200 systems from their Web browsers.”

The trial is available until May 19th at

If you have any questions or comments about the Phase Diagrams Center or the trial, please contact myself at or Adriana Popescu at

ASCE desktop research library

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The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has a new desktop program called ASCE Research Library NOW!

ASCE Research Library NOW! allows you to easily search the ASCE Research Library, Bookstore, and Career Connections, as well as receive Civil Engineering alerts right on your desktop.

This PC based software is free and does not require an ASCE membership. A brief registration is required for the download and access to the internet is needed to use the software.

To learn more and download the ASCE Research Library NOW! visit:

To search the Civil Engineering Database and ASCE Research Library online, visit: and

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