IHS database trials

Princeton University has a trial subcription to two new databases from Jane’s:

Jane’s Sentinel Country Risk Assessments
A compilation of data on all UN sanctioned countries and territories which includes defense and security matters, but also extensive write ups on politics, leadership, international and domestic relations, demographics, economic information, infrastructure and other factual areas.
Trial ends: 8/29/2009

Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre
News, analysis and records of over 200 terrorist groups. Daily updates from over 200 news services around the world (wire services, the Times [London], International Herald Tribune, magazines and journals); in depth analysis on major events of terrorist and counter-terrorism related issues and a robust collection of detailed information and a chronology of the groups themselves. Includes the major transnational groups, regional and local based groups, and also transnational criminal gangs or organized criminal groups.

All trials can also be viewed on the trial subscriptions database page:

http:// libweb10.princeton.edu/eresources/resources.aspx?trials=1

Bill Gates makes Feynman lectures freely available online

Bill Gates has purchased the famous Feynman lectures on Physics and made them freely available to view on the Web. Available on Microsoft Research website called Project Tuva. The Microsoft Silverlight browser plug in is required to view the videos. The video player plug in was designed to make the viewing experience more interactive by allowing the viewer to search the lectures, take notes while you watch, and click on links to related content on the Web.

To learn more about this project, you can read the Microsoft press release here

Apollo 11 40th Anniversary

July 16th through the 2oth represent the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11, the first manned mission to land on the moon. There are many happenings on the internet to help you celebrate and learn more about this great achievement. Here are a couple to help you get started.

WeChooseTheMoon.org has virtually recreated the mission online from launch to landing. They have a mission tracker (online and downloadable), countdown clocks to the next stage and landing, live streaming audio, twitter feeds for @AP11_Capcom, @AP11_Spacecraft, and @AP11_Eagle.

Universe Today created the Apollo 11 Anniversary Link-O-Rama page with links to the original, video, audio, and transcripts, as well as the official NASA websites and some other miscellaneous items such as poetry and how to answer moon-landing hoax questions.

NASA has put up images of the Apollo landing sites taken by the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter (LRO) last week. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/LRO/multimedia/lroimages/apollosites.html


World eBook Fair thru August 4th, 2009

WorldeBookFair.org has made 2 million pdf eBooks available free to the public from July 4th thru August 4th, 2009. eBook collections come from Project Guttenberg, World Public Library, the Internet Archive’s Text Archive and many others. According to their website, the purpose of the World eBook Fair is to:

"Our goal is to provide Free public access for a month to 2 Million eBooks. During the rest of the year you may continue to download your selection of about 500,000 PDF eBooks by joining the World Public Library. Annual membership is only $8.95 per year"

To search the collection and start downloading, visit: WorldeBookFair.org