MaterialsNetBase and ChemLibNetBase

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Princeton University Libraries now have access to two more collections in the CRCnetBASE e-books collection.

MaterialsNetBase - From ceramics and textiles to bioscience and pharmacology, this dynamic library of handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and treatises explains the theory, data, and processes shaping diverse materials applications

ChemLibNetBase - This collection combines historical works and sub-specialty primers with the research from the world’s leading chemical authorities. Coverage ranges from nanoscience and natural product chemistry to separation methods and surfactant science.

A little about using CRCnetBase
Searching: Perform a basic keyword search or advanced keyword, title, and/or author search. A keyword search searches the full text of an ebook. To search only the titles in Princeton's collection, be sure to check the "Full Access Content Only" box under the search box. You can also select which collection to search in using the Advanced Search.

Downloading: Downloading and saving of PDFs is allowed, but can only be done one chapter or section at a time.

Printing: Printing is also on a one chapter at a time basis.

Additional Functionality: Sign up for a personal account to create a bookshelf and save searches.

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