U. S. Government Oil Spill information sources

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Many of my colleagues have been emailing various new or pertanent U. S. Government Oil Spill information sources to each other. For your convenience, I am compiling them together here.

Department of Energy Actions on BP Oil Spill - This site includes links to oil spill data from the Deepwater Horizon http://www.energy.gov/open/oil_spill_updates.htm

NOAA Resources on Oil Spills, Response and Restoration: a Selected Bibliography

NOAA Trajectory Forecasts

EPA Response to BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico - http://www.epa.gov/bpspill/

NTIS Technical Reports Newsletter - June edition includes selected documents from the NTIS database on petroleum polition and oil spills. http://www.ntis.gov/pdf/ntrnews2-12.pdf  You can search for more related technical reports at http://ntrl.ntis.gov

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