Collection Highlights: Alternative Energy eTrack

The Alternative Energy eTrack database from GlobalData combines the latest research and business news, company and industry analysis, forecasts and market intelligence data for alternative energy technologies, including wind, hydro, solar, ocean, geothermal, biofuels, fuel cells. It's coverage is global, with current data and information for more than 100 countries, giving value, volume and competitor share statistics at an industry, market and segment level for each analyzed industry. The database is licensed for the use of  Princeton University community only.  


All the clean, alternative energy resources are valid in my opinion. However, one of the best way to get environment friendly energy nowadays is a magnetic generator that, taking advantage of the nature's magnet forces, produces free electricty to power our homes. Greetings!

Alternative energy is nice, but I honestly don't think we'll ever see it become mainstream. Why do I say this? There's simply too much money in fossil fuels. We won't ever run out of oil, but it will become scarcer in the future and as a result more expensive to extract. You'll see the price of oil go up to levels that only the rich can afford, and everyone else will just have to cut back on consumption. I wish this wasn't the case, as we are obviously doing enormous harm to the planet if we continue along the current path, but something tells me it won't change anytime soon.

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