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Energy Research Guide -- U.S. documents

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Ed Herman at the University of Buffalo has compiled a resource guide to energy information and data (2007). His references are nearly all governmental. There are descriptions and links to the full texts. There are links to resources on legislation, policy, technical literature, and statistics. He includes sections on New York State and international resources.

This resource was found via the ResourceShelf No. 366. It is one of many resources available via the wiki created by the Government Documents Roundtable of the ALA (American Library Association).

Infrastructure and Public Works -- Research Guide

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The Science, Technology & Business Division’s Science Reference Services of the Library of Congress offers a series of research guides in specific subject areas. I just learned about this one from Gary Price’s ResourceShelf Newsletter, No. 366. These “Tracer Bullets” can provide an excellent start to your bibliographic/library research project. Browse or search their website if this one, 08-3, isn’t right on target. Of course, the librarians are vitally interested in helping you and learning about your research interests.

Information resources include vocabulary terms, representative books and journals, and samples of other kinds of literature like conference papers, government publications, dissertations, and, of course, abstracting/indexing services.

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