OnTour @ The Peter B. Lewis Library: The Broadcast and New Media Centers

In addition to the Science Library, the new Peter B Lewis Library will contain a new OIT-operated Broadcast Center. The center’s HD video studio will assist University professors to be interviewed live on major television and radio networks. The center’s professional audio recording studio contains sound proof walls that will block common campus noises that have, in the past, spoiled many campus interviews. The facilities will support the recording of major campus events such as Public Lectures, Opening Exercises, and Commencement. The studio will also manage the recording of lectures, podcasts, and rich media content.
Newly opened, the facility includes a digital audio suite, a full sized studio with blue- and green screen capabilities, a green room with a 65 inch LCD screen, and a high definition control room.

On the production side, the BC staff can light and shoot video using a four-point Buhl Videssence florescent lighting kit and a Panasonic AG-HVX200camera. Other equipment includes a wireless microphone, a boom microphone, a portable set stand, and blue and green screens.
The BC has the hardware and software to edit video, color correct footage, and sweeten and edit audio. The Center has already helped to produce course introductions, student and faculty projects, and documentaries. The center provides video production for major events on campus such as Public Lectures, Opening Exercises and Commencement. The Center also manages lecture recordings, podcasts and rich media content. They are also ready to help with departmental projects.

Broadcast Center staff can take stills and footage from a variety of digital and analog sources. Once they have captured footage, they can edit it, reassemble it, add audio tracks, as well as effects and titles. They can then take the output back to tape, burn it to a VCD or DVD, or compress the video for web streaming.
They can create analog and digital audio and video files for internet streaming for fee. They can also create custom, professional-looking menus for DVD projects. Past projects include a DVD bundling with a book and gift DVDs to commemorate an event. They can create master disks that can be used by professional duplication services for mass distribution, or they can make a limited number of DVD-R duplicates in-house.
The Peter B. Lewis Library is also home to an expanded New Media Center [NMC]. Since 1994, the NMC was located in Room 101 of the Computing Center at 87 Prospect Ave. The NMC, now part of the Educational Technologies Center, will continue to provide access to cutting edge digital media technologies within an expanded, state-of-the-art multimedia laboratory. Within improved facilities, the Education Technologies Center will continue to assist Princeton faculty to use technology in teaching and research.
The center has several distinct areas. There are workstations with drawing tablets in support of 3-D modeling, stations with video-audio capture equipment, and there is support for instructors with mini-DVDs who want to observe their teaching style. There are stations for scanning of 35mm slides, photographs, negatives, and a flat bed scanner for images, documents, and OCR.
The NMC continues to be a focal point for online and offline multimedia content creation at Princeton. The center is open weekday afternoons to Princeton faculty, staff, and students who would like to enhance their academic projects. There are hands-on training sessions in the mornings for InDesign, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. Faculty are also welcome to schedule class time in the NMC.
Photos of the tour are available on the Lunch ‘n Learn Facebook page.

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