GradeGuru: A Place Where Students Share Their Notes

garde_guru_logo.pngGradeGuru is a website where students can upload notes that they created to share with other students. Students are encouraged to share notes by a promise that they will be paid (via Paypay or other forms)  for the materials they upload to GradeGuru. Besides the point that you can get paid, I think it’s a great site where students share what helped them in a class. The one thing I am fuzzy on is once it’s uploaded, does GradeGuru own the copyright to your work ( I would read the TOS before uploading)? The site is also using TurnItIn to detect plagiarism. I think it’s a great concept and a great resource for students to find supplemental notes to help them through a course. There are many subjects posted on the site. To learn more, click on the link below:

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