Swedish-Flashcards.com Free Swedish Course (via FreeLanguage.org)

swidish_flashcards_logo.png"Swedish-Flashcards.com is a fast-loading, useful site for Swedish learners to manage and practice vocabulary lists (words and sentences). There are many existing word and sentence lists created by other users that you can snag and use right away. You can also create your own lists and sentences on-the-fly and test yourself until you know them all. As a result, this resource works for Swedish students of all levels, beginner to advanced. The self-testing is done via built-in flashcard software that you control.

The website has an integrated dictionary that gives explanations of terms and includes examples of how these are used in real sentences. In addition, when you view a sentence, you can scroll over the words and view annotations. NB: You can copy and paste any Swedish text you want into the site’s Text Analyzer and it provides you with what you see below (see grey scroll-over pop-up in image for glosses)."(text by freelanguage.org).

Links to flashcards and Freelangauge.org blog:

FreeLanguage.org Post


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