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Productive Scholar: Ben Johnston on New Annotation Tools for Scholars

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This session looked at current and future methods of annotating and analyzing text and multimedia materials for scholarly work.  From the bookmarking and annotation of webpages, to commenting Word documents for review, and the marking up of XML versions of manuscripts, annotation can take many different forms and be used in many different ways.

QuickStart Guide: Annotation on the Web with co-ment

co-ment_logo.jpgco-ment is a web service that allows for you to write or upload text to the site, allow others to comment on the text, then the users can review the comments and edit the text according to the feedback. It is great for collaboration among users. It runs from your web browser and is free. To get started with co-ment, click on the link below to view our QuickStart Guide for co-ment.

QuickStart Guide: Annotation on the Web with co-ment (PDF)