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An iPad Whiteboard App for Recording Audio and Video

show_me_appHave you ever wished you could write a comment or direction on your screen while demonstrating an app? A free iPad app called ShowMe allows you to do that. As an added bonus, you can record audio (using the internal mic of the iPad) while you record a whiteboard session that you can share with students. Continue reading

App That Uses Augmented Reality to Translate Phrases

New app called Word Lens uses the iPhone’s camera to view a phrase in another language and translate the phrase right inside the camera, showing the translated text and not the original text (that is the augmented reality part of the app). The app is free but you have to pay for language packs. The only language pack available is English-Spanish and Spanish-English. That language pack costs $4.99. To view the app in action, watch the video below:

Language Learning iPhone App Displays Tweets of Vocab Words as Examples

byki_logo.pngByki is a company that has developed free iPhone apps to learn different languages. Like other language learning apps, this has a a flashcard component and audio to hear the phrases. But unlike some other apps, you can click on a button that will display tweets that use the vocab word you are reviewing. You get to see how that word is being used in a real context like Twitter. If you wold like to learn more about this free app, click on the link below:


Free Spanish Tutor: Free iPhone/iPod Touch App from 24/7 Tutor


One of the top downloaded free app from Apple for the iPhone/iPod Touch is called Free Spanish Tutor by 24/7 Tutor (and Donald Stephenson). The application boasts of features such as:
  • Native Speaker audio for all words
  • Entertaining puzzle game
  • Write in quiz to test language recall
  • Manual and automatic flash card method
  • Self contained, network access not required
  • Multiple choice quiz

You can download the app at the iTunes store under App Store–> Education–> Free Spanish Tutor. I also found this posted at this website by Dan Colman there is a free Japanese app as well):