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Geotemporal Exhibit Builder for Collections of Archives and Artifacts

neatlineLike Omeka1? You might love Neatline.

Neatline, a creation of the Scholars’s Lab, is a geo-temporal exhibit builder that uses archives and artifacts from an Omeka collection to create interactive timelines and maps.

Neatline imports collections created in Omeka and makes it possible to plot them on a map. Text, images, and timelines can be added to points of interest on the map, or a stand-alone timeline can be created. No special software is required to view completed Neatline “exhibits.”

There are many ways to navigate through an exhibit created with Neatline. A user can click on a point of interest on the map, a title, or click through the timeline. The simple layout of Neatline makes it a valuable visualization tool for digital humanists.

To learn more, visit the Neatline site.

Below is a screenshot of an exhibit I built in Neatline from an Omeka Collection.


  1. If you’re not familiar with Omeka, it’s a free, open source content management system for online digital collections.

Europa Film Treasures: A Place to Watch Archived Films from Europe

europa_film_treasures_logo.pngEuropa Film Treasures is a place where you can search for films based off of an area in Europe and watch the film right online. This is a great tool for anybody in the Humanities that needs a rare  or old European film and it’s hard to order, or you need to show in class right away. This is also a great place for students to discover other film collections for European film. To get started, click on the link below: