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The next great blovel


Novels (Photo credit: sbluerock)

Bovelspot’s name is a bit hard to remember until you get an idea of what it is they are trying to do.  Blovel is a contraction of blog and novel.  The website says that a blovel is a novel you write very quickly in 40 chapters of around 1,000 characters each.  The website goes on to say:

“The hardest part of writing a novel is starting it.  A blovel will produce a manuscript in very little time that you can turn into a novel.”


Print Books from Wikipedia Content: PediaPress

pedia_press_logo.jpgDid you ever want to have a hard bound copy of the current data that is on Wikipedia for reference and archival purposes? PediaPress is a paid service that allows you to collect Wikipedia articles and entries and will print and bind them into a book. They are also offering the service in German (with more languages to come in the near future). This is a great tool if you teach in the languages or humanities (think of all the data, from culture to history, you can put into a book). You can choose long entries or short entires (short entries would be great if you would like it as a reference book). You also support the WikiMedia foundation when you create a book. To see the price and cost of printing, you can visit their website (linked below).

PediaPress: http://pediapress.com/