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Screencast: Using the Chrome Web Store to extend Chrome functionality.

In this screencast, we show you how to use Google’s Chrome web browser to install and extend its functionality. We look at how to get to the store, how to browse relevant applications, how to search for apps using keywords, how to install and arrange apps, and how to remove apps.

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On the latest release of the HTML standard

HTML5 LogoHTML 5 is the fifth major iteration of HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the markup language that uses markup tags to describe web pages. It is not a programming language. A browser then interprets the tags and then outputs a web page (including the text inside the tags). With all the new media capabilities and levels of interactivity we come to expect from any tech experience with our computer and mobile devices, HTML 5 was created to address these needs, and issues that HTML 4 had with these abilities. So what is HTML5 and what’s the big fuss? Continue reading

Web Browser Chrome: Google Translate Extension

The web browser Chrome (by Google) now has the ability to add extensions to your browser. The one extension I recently installed on my Chrome browser was Google Translate. The great thing about this extension is that it allows you to translate a whole page into another language. It’s not a 100% perfect, but it’s a great way to learn a language by using everyday media and materials you use and read on the internet (and you can switch back to the original language). Another useful feature is that you can hover over the translated text and see the original text in yellow (without having to switch back, you can compare the texts).  I had to restart my Chrome to get the extension to work. It has 52 languages to choose from (for now).To learn more about this Chrome extension, click on the link below: