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Lunch & Learn: The University Channel with Donna Liu

Donna Liu, University Channel Director
ucipod.jpgWhat if the public could listen to the best minds and newest ideas at colleges and universities around the world? What if the academic research and analysis that aims to solve the world’s problems were presented, unfiltered and uncut, to a global audience? What if this could be accomplished with only a modest investment in new technology?
These are the goals of the University Channel, a collection of recordings of public affairs lectures, panels and events from universities around the world. The University Channel web site uses new media technologies — such as streaming, “podcasting” and video-on-demand — to distribute these talks straight to the public, without the cutting and packaging of commercial news and TV programming. The goal is to enrich the general discussion of public and international policy by giving the public free access to full-length, commercial free, thoughtful presentations of people who are focused on solving the problems of the world.

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