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Seminar: Women in Research Computing with Betty Leydon

WomenComputer.jpgHow did three distinguished women in research computing overcome political and societal obstacles? How have they dealt with the different work/life expectations that our society places on women? Do they see progress toward equaling the playing field?
On March 25, three prominent members of the faculty at the University joined moderator Betty Leydon, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO to discuss their use of Princeton’s high-performance computing facilities and a range of varied issues, from the challenges of performing research in a male-dominated field to the importance of mentorship.

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Lunch & Learn: Computers Driving Down Nassau Street with Alain Kornhauser

PAVEonNassau.jpgA student-led research group at Princeton University, PAVE [Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering] has for the past three years pursued the goal of a car that can drive by itself. The team, which consists primarily of undergraduates with assistance from a diverse group of graduate students, has now competed in two DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] Grand Challenges.
Alain Kornhauser, Professor of Operations Research & Financial Engineering, Co-Director, of the Center for NJ TIDE (Transportation Information & Decision Engineering), Director of the Transportation Program and one of the faculty advisors of PAVE introduced members of the group [Derrick Yu ’10, Christopher Baldassano ’09, Jonathan Mayer ’09, Ian Ferguson ’09, Issa Ashwash ’09, and Lindsay Gorman ’10] at the December 5 Lunch ‘n Learn seminar “Computers Driving Down Nassau Street.”

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