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The (Technical) Conscience of a Liberal with Paul Krugman

What does Paul Krugman have in common with Eric Maskin, Daniel Kahneman, John Nash, Sir W. Arthur Lewis, A Michael Spence, and Gary Becker? As of this Monday, they are all Princeton University faculty who have one won the Nobel Prize in Economics.
Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, was already very well known for his twice-weekly op-ed column in the New York Times since 2000, as a regular fixture on Cable news broadcasts, and for his 2007 bestseller, The Conscience of a Liberal, a sharp political, economic, and social study of the past 80 years in America. There, he contends that the dominance of movement conservatism has resulted again in the ascendancy of the wealthy, with initiatives to cut taxes for the rich, to dismantle social programs, and to demolish unions.

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