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Interactive Maps with Data About the United States

nat_atlas_logo.pngNational Atlas.gov is a place where you can find maps from different time periods. Along with the maps, you can add different amounts of data to see visual representations on the map. The map is interactive and at times gives you information on what county in a state you are in. This site is great from anybody studying the natural sciences (social sciences too) or history (because of the visualization of the data). The site is free. To test drive some interactive maps, click on the link below:


Five Map Sites to View the World

I recently found this post on the Mashable site about 5 map sites that can allow you to view all over the world. Some have 3D pictures, some have video. These are great sites to use in the classroom to add an interactive component to an assignment. Check out the original post on Mashable here:

5 Great Sites for Exploring Cities Around the Globe (Mashable)