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Lunch & Learn: Campus Networking and the Internet: How They Work with Peter Olenick

At the March 7 Lunch ‘n Learn, OIT’s Senior Manager of Networking, Peter Olenick presented Campus Networking and the Internet: How They Work.
“Most people really don’t care how networking works… they simply care that it does work,” summarized Olenick.
During his hour session, Olenick reviewed the technologies involved in campus and internet networking with some focus upon how that technology is actually used on campus and why this complex environment sometimes does not operate as users expect it to.
This image of a network pipe illustrates some of the complexity. There are electronics, logical components, there are network services, and then there are the actual applications that run on top… together, they make up what most users think of as their network connection. All aspects must work in order to provide useful service.

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Lunch & Learn: PlanetLab: a new model for planetary-scale computing services with Larry Peterson

At the Wednesday, November 15 Lunch ‘n Learn seminar, Computer Science Professor and Chair Larry Peterson discussed PlanetLab, an open platform for developing, deploying, and accessing planetary scale internet services.
A prototype of the next internet architecture, PlanetLab is a set of more than 700 servers spread across the globe but connected to the internet at 340 sites in more than 35 countries. You can think of PlanetLab as an entry point onto a new internet and supporting a diversity of services, bringing together a range of new and known ideas and techniques within a comprehensive design. Just as Princeton users are within a short hop to local routers to access the information they need, each of the approximately 3 million users on PlanetLab are all within a small hop to access the information and services they require.

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