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Take a MOOC, Learn a Language

instreamia-logo-circleonly-new-150x1501Instreamia is a new MOOC that focuses on learning languages. The MOOC offers free courses in Spanish, English, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese, using some surprising, but abundant, course materials.

Instreamia uses YouTube videos from recording artists, pop culture, TED lectures, and other entertainment resources created by native speakers in the language you’d like to learn. These videos are supplemented with listening exercises and flashcards. During listening exercises, you can simultaneously view a translation, gradually building your vocabulary. Questions are posted in a public forum, to be answered by other course members and/or course instructors so that everyone can benefit. Instreamia also has a social aspect, in that you can friend other course members and native speakers.

You can sign up for a course on the Instreamia website

Grimm German Grammar

Grimm Grammar characters: The Bremer Travelling MusiciansFrom the University of Texas, Grimm Grammar uses classic Grimm Fairy Tales updated for the 21st century.  From the about page of the site:

The primary audience for Grimm Grammar is the beginning language learner.  Each part of speech – e.g., adjective, adverb, noun, verb – is introduced by a sectional overview, and then further explained in relevant, thoroughly cross-referenced sub-topics: e.g., articles, the past tense of regular verbs, etc.

Grammar descriptions in English/German and self-correcting exercises promote the understanding of grammar concepts through plausible communicative contexts – what someone might actually say in real life – using predominantly discourse-length language samples.