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Technology in Modern Foreign Languages: A practitioner’s perspective

Technology in Modern Foreign Language is an anothology of blog posts from boxoftricks.net concerning the effective use of mostly web2.0 tools for foreign language teaching. Topics include: using images in the classroom, tools for getting pupils talking, RSS, Wordle and much more. The posts have been edited to book form and posted on Scribd.


Typing in Foreign Languages

typeit-logo.png If you have the need to type anything in a foreign language which has accents and other strange-looking
characters, and you only have a US keyboard,this website will make your life a whole lot easier!

Now, through the miracles of Unicode and JavaScript,
you can just navigate to this site, type whatever you need to type in a text box,
and then paste it wherever you need it — into your word processor, e-mail
message, etc.
You can type foreign characters by clicking buttons or by pressing intuitive
keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Letter). Now typing in French, German, Russian and many more languages is simple.