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Tech Spotlights: Wimba

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Wimba is used to enrich language learning programs. This audio tool can be used for instructors to create assignments that require students to post their recordings from within the Blackboard course site. Instructors can use this tool to verbally explain complex material and send voice comments on papers and assignments. Wimba can also be used to teach pronunciation, rhythm, stress and emphasis.

Click on the link below to get started using Wimba.
Wimba-Instructor Instructions.pdf

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Free Language Lessons on Internet Polyglot Website

internet_polyglot_logo.pngInternet Ployglot is a website that offers free language lessons in a variety of languages. Some of the languages that are offered are Arabic, Thai, and Hebrew, along with popular languages like German, Spanish, and French. You can create an account to save your results or just use the site without creating an account. The site has text, audio, and some images. You learn vocabulary and then apply ti with different tasks and games that are in each language learning plan. It is free. To learn more or to try it out, click on the link below:


Free Language Learning Resources

unilang_logo.pngA website called UniLang offers free language resources for a large number of languages. You can also view resources by the type (video, flashcards, audio, courses, games, etc.). Some of the videos are hosted on public places like YouTube, but what’s great about UniLang is that you don’t have to search through a ton of videos on YouTube for a certain educational language video. To view the resources, click on the link below:


Tech Spotlights: Online Flashcards and Other Vocab Tools

Our Technology Spotlight Session on 4/6/2010 was titled Online Flashcards and Other Vocabulary Tools. Different flashcards programs and vocab programs were reviewed (including our own Princeton based flashcard program that you can use inside Blackboard). Below is a link to the handout from the session:

Online Flashcards and other Vocabulary Tools (PDF)

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Mobile App That Translates Text in Photos

Google is giving a preview of a prototype of their software called Google Goggles. Goggles is an Android visual search application that  translates text in a photo into another language. A person with an Android device can use the app to take a photo and then the app runs an OCR  (Optical Character Recognition) process on the words and then translates them into another language. So far, Google has not set a release date for the app. To learn more about Google Goggles, click on the link below (from a Mashable article) or you can view the video:

Mashable Article on Google Goggles