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Find Video Lectures and Topics in Lecture with a Search Engine

talkminer_logo.pngHave you ever wanted to find lectures of certain topics by using a search engine or site? Did you ever want to search for a video based off of the site that is hosting it, or if it has slides? Did you ever want to just view the one part of a lecture that contains the keywords you are looking for? TalkMiner is the search engine for you. To check out lectures in depth and to watch only the part that deals with the keywords you are looking for, click on the link below and give it a try:


PBS and NPR Team Up To Offer Free Lectures Online

forum_network_logo.pngPBS and NPR have teamed up to launch a new service called Forum Network. According to their site the "The Forum Network online library features thousands of lectures by some of the world’s foremost scholars, authors, artists, scientists, policy makers and community leaders, available to citizens of the world for free."

This is great because not only does this site provide lectures that align their topics with programs such as NOVA and Frontline, it allows the viewer to explore these topics at greater depth.

To check out the Forum Network, click on the link below:


Microlectures in Distance and Online Learning

Imagine explaining a concept for your course in an online video that’s no longer than 60 seconds. Do you think that is enough time? A new trend for online learning called microlectures is doing just that. It’s a video that can be anywhere from a minute to three minutes that explains a concept for your course, just like a normal lecture, but in less time. This approach may seem weird a first, but according this article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, it seems to be popular with students and is effective. To read more about microlectures, click on the link below:

These Lectures Are Gone in 60 Seconds