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The Productive Scholar: Barbara McLaughlin on video editing and clipping.

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In this session on editing and clipping video files, Princeton’s Barbara McLaughlin showed the audience a few options. She discussed the powerful but relatively expensive Final Cut, iMovie, iSkySoft, PowerPoint, and other products. She led a discussion on issues of legality, ease of use, and the differences in codecs (audio video coders and decoders for use in working with video and audio). She gave demonstrations of each tool where appropriate. Watch the video now to learn about how you can begin to use clipping and editing tools to make the perfect bit of video to illustrate a point.
Thursday, April 12, 12:00 noon
Frist Multipurpose Room A
Video Editing Tools and Creating Video Clips
Barbara McLaughlin
Video can be used to provide examples of a specific subject being taught or to make a presentation more interesting. Have you ever wanted to insert a video clip into a PowerPoint presentation but you were not sure how to do it?  Did you ever want to show just a short segment of a video in class and not the entire movie? Creating clips allows instructors to locate and present short, targeted clips of several minutes in length enabling the instructor to go directly to the main point of the film they want to discuss.  Creating and inserting video clips is easy to do, but there are some important points and options that must be considered.
I will be discussing the tools needed to create and import video clips into a presentation, what file formats PowerPoint will accept and how to create video clips for showing in class.
Instructors who incorporate video in their course material report that their students retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning.  With the use of video, students often make new connections between curriculum topics and discover links between these topics and the world outside the classroom.
About the speaker:
Barbara McLaughlin is a Digital and Technical Support Specialist for the ETC Humanities Resource Center.   She works extensively with digitizing audio and video and in the past 10 years has digitized over 6,000 films for the Video on Demand service at Princeton.   Barbara works with faculty to assist them in incorporating video into their course material.   She is also member of the SCAD computing organization on campus and supports the computers throughout the HRC lab and classroom.
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Lunch & Learn: Trudy Jacoby on Image Resources and Use

Princeton University

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Images are used for teaching and research in many departments. There are significant image collections available for use at Princeton including the image collections of the Department of Art and Archaeology accessible in Almagest and licensed collections such as ARTstor and Bridgeman Education.  Image resources will be reviewed as well as ways to use the collections including searching, making study image groups, and exporting image groups directly to PowerPoint for use in lectures.

Speaker bio:

Trudy Buxton Jacoby is the Director of the Visual Resources Collection in the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University. Previously, Ms. Jacoby was at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, where she served most recently as Head Librarian for Visual and Media Resources.

She works with image collection management and digital image databases. She participated in the development of the IRIS image management software and then partnered with Cornell University to develop the PiCtor image management software now in use at Princeton.  The course content for many courses and special collections in the Department of Art and Archaeology is available through Almagest and also in ARTstor (for images added until Sept. 2010).

An active member of the Art Libraries Society of North America and the Visual Resources Association, Ms. Jacoby has held numerous committee and board appointments.  She has co-chaired the ARLIS/VRA Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources and has also served on the board of the VRA Foundation. She was a member of the ARTstor collections advisory group and is currently a member of the ARTstor hosting advisory group.

Tech Spotlights: Prezi: The Online Presentation Tool

Prezi Logo

Prezi Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s the slideshow presentation from our Technology Spotlight Series on 4/08/2010. The topic was Prezi: The Online Presentation Tool.

Presentation handout you can download: Getting Started with Prezi (PDF)


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