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Tech Spotlight: MR Daniel on Digital Audio Production in the NMC

About the videos below

In an ETC Spotlight, MR Daniel gave an overview of the basics of audio recording and equipment setup, with a focus on podcasting and field interviews. MR covered the introductory basics of digital audio recording in five parts: (1) Sound + Sampling Rates, (2) NMC Audio Booth + Audio Software, (3) Microphone Selection, (4) the Zoom H4N (portable recorders), (5) Interview and Recording Prep.

About the presenter

MR Daniel is a doctoral candidate in the music composition program at Princeton, and a student consultant at the New Media Center. She was previously Carnegie Mellon Visiting Professor in African American and Film Studies at Emory University.

Lunch and Learn: David Hopkins on Kaltura at Princeton

Click here to get the powerpoint of this Kaltura Presentation.
Wednesday, February 22, 12:00 noon
Frist Multipurpose Room B
Welcome to the World of Kaltura: A Media Management Haven
David Hopkins
Have you ever lost your keys? It is a very frustrating feeling.  What if someone or something was assigned to always manage them for you? Now that would really make you feel better. Now imagine if those keys were very important videos. Kaltura is an excellent media tool for managing, converting and distributing video. David Hopkins will demonstrate how Kaltura’s video management works. He will show how Kaltura connects to systems like Blackboard, Roxen, and Drupal.
About the speaker:
David Hopkins has been with the University since 1993. He was formerly the manager of the New Media Center. David has been working in video production for over 20 years. He lives and breathes technology. He is always looking at cutting edge technology and how it can benefit the University. David graduated from North Central University.
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