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The Productive Scholar: Rebecca Louie on using LaTeX

There is a fantastic free tool that you can use to create high quality, professional documents in the humanities, arts, and sciences, and Rebecca Louie knows all about it. Louie, a member of Princeton University’s Academic Services, returned to talk … Continue reading

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Productive Scholar: Ben Johnston on New Annotation Tools for Scholars

This session looked at current and future methods of annotating and analyzing text and multimedia materials for scholarly work.  From the bookmarking and annotation of webpages, to commenting Word documents for review, and the marking up of XML versions of … Continue reading

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Multilingual Zotero (In Test Phase)

Zotero announced today that they will be releasing Multilingual Zotero. This software will allow scholars that working in multiple languages to correctly format multilingual data. It also deletes duplicates. To learn more or to download the Multilingual Zotero, click on … Continue reading

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Tech Spotlights: Course Blogs

  Here is the slideshow from our Technology Spotlight Session on Course Blogs. Here’s the links to the two handouts for this session (PDFs): Blackboard 9 Blogs.pdf Movable Type Course Blogs at Princeton.pdf

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Screencast: How to Embed a Video into a PDF

This screencast will show you how to embed a video clip into your PDF. You will need Adobe Acrobat Pro to embed video (and an extended version if you have different file formats for the video clips). To view the … Continue reading

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