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MIT Lecture Browser



The MIT Lecture Browser lets you search for video lectures by using text keywords and/or categories like you would when you search for something in a search engine (like Google). It will then find any video with that word in it or in that catagory, and show you the transcript of the lectures and where those keywords are in the lecture. Also in the transcript,  there are buttons you can click on that will prompt your browser to play the video part of that lecture for that keyword. You will need RealPlayer video for your web browser to view the lecture videos. To search for videos or learn more click on the link below:



Using Wolfram|Alpha to Find Information on Languages

wolfram_alpha_logo.pngWolfram|Alpha is a computation knowledge engine. It was just launched this past weekend. What makes it different than Google? The way you ask the questions in Wolfram|Alpha gives you more detailed results. To search how many native speakers are in the world for Spanish, you would type in “native speakers of Spanish”. Your answer would be a clean table that lists the countries and how many native speakers of Spanish are in that country. With Google, you may get more variety of choices to find an answer (like Wikipedia).

Wolfram|Alpha also has the ability to search other information about languages. You can compare languages side by side, you can get number names in a language, or just get information and maps about a language. If you would like to see how you can search for language information using Wolfram|Alpha, check out the link below and start searching:


Screencast: How to Search the Princeton Catalog for Videos


This screencast (video tutorial) will show you how to browse the Princeton online catalog for videos we have available here at the HRC. It will show you how to search by author, title, call number, and keywords. It also discusses how to set more limits on your search so you can search for videos of a certain language, publication country, date, or library location. You can view the screencast below or click on the link to view a bigger version of the video. Contains audio.

How to Search the Princeton Catalog for Videos (817×494)

Princeton Online Catalog (search for videos at Princeton University’s libraries)

QuickStart Guide: How to Search the Princeton Library Catalog for Videos



blog_entery_lib_catalog.jpgThe Princeton on-line catalog is a great tool that can help you search for videos that are available at the HRC. Did you know you can tweak and narrow your search by different categories such as keywords, directors, titles, and even language?

You can use this PDF guide to walk you through the few steps to help you search the catalog for all the videos that the HRC has to offer. Click on the link below to view the QuickStart guide.


QuickStart Guide: How to Search the Princeton Catalog for Videos




Lunch & Learn: Google Search Strategies with Nancy Pressman Levy

You may be a typical Google searcher who simply pops in a word or two in the Google search box and hopes for the best? As it turns out, Google has placed impressive functionality within that seemingly simple search box.
At OIT’s January 9 Lunch ‘n Learn seminar Nancy Pressman Levy, the Head of Princeton University’s Donald E. Stokes Library for Public and International Affairs, introduced a range of basic Google searching tips that will help users to maximize the power of Google.
Nancy showed that you can limit the results of your searches [nutrition -recipes] by using a “-” in front of terms that you want to exclude. You can use quotation marks to search for an entire phrase [“telephone switch”]. You can use “OR” to obtain results that include either word [Pakistan OR Kashmir]. The command “define:” will provide definitions or expand abbreviations [define: technology]. You can get the weather or time anywhere in the world [weather: Lima], [time: Venice]. Google will even help you look up the performance of stocks [stocks: aapl].

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