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Lunch & Learn: Tivo for the Internet: RSS Feeds for Research and Leisure with Steven M. Adams

Internet users are accustomed to surfing the web, migrating haphazardly or with purpose from site to site. Rather than periodically checking out your most interesting sites to see if anything of interest might have been added, imagine if those sites all came to you.
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology enables anyone to “subscribe” to content on the web and have updates downloaded into their RSS feed readers automatically. As many in the blogosphere have described it, RSS is like Tivo, but for the Internet. This simple analogy was the inspiration for the name of this talk. RSS feeds are most often used on sites with frequently updated content (e.g., blogs, news sites, scholarly journals, etc.). Steven M. Adams, Biological and Life Sciences Librarian at Princeton University, elucidates this underutilized knowledge discovery tool; it can transform the way you work and play on the web.

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Lunch & Learn: A Second Life for the University: Immersive Reality in Teaching with Janet Temos

PUSecondLife.jpgSecond Life is a virtual world, a vast 3-D digital continent teeming with people, entertainment, experiences, and interesting, often unique opportunities. Established in 2001 by Philip Rosedale, now CEO of Linden Labs, Second Life is built and even owned by its residents.
Janet Temos, OIT’s Director of the Education Technologies Center, introduced Second Life and unveiled Princeton University’s island at the April 4 Lunch ‘n Learn seminar.
Since opening to the public in 2003, SL has grown explosively. It is inhabited today by more than 5 million people worldwide. Unlike other multiplayer “games,” Linden Labs provides a meaningful social network, real estate, and even a stable currency. Approximately 1 million US dollars change hands daily in the popular marketplace. The current exchange rate is 1 US dollar = 276 Lindens.
Residents can create and then retain the rights to digital creations that, they can buy, sell and trade with others. Basic membership in SL is free; a premium membership (necessary to own land) costs $10 a month.
The Princeton University island in Second Life is a place for members of the University community to experiment with the potential uses of Second Life for education. Some of the buildings on Princeton University island are replicas of real life buildings adapted to fit the Second Life environment including Chancellor Green Library, Nassau Hall, and Alexander Hall.

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