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QuickStart Guide: Using Images in Microsoft’s SharePoint

microsoft-office-sharepoint-logo.jpgSharePoint is a collaborative tool available to Princeton faculty and staff. It is a web-based tool for sharing information and documents with others. A SharePoint site is a website that provides a central storage and collaboration space for documents, information, and ideas. This QuickStart guide will show you how to work with images (upload, search, change the view, and load in PowerPoint) in a SharePoint site. To view this guide, click on the link below.

QuickStart Guide: Using Images in Microsoft’s SharePoint (PDF)

Lunch & Learn: Collaboration Tools at Princeton with Mark Ratliff

OIT’s recent Strategic Planning effort identified the need for a “data lifeline,” a comprehensive way to store digital information, ways to search and archive the data, and policies to control data retention and disposal. OIT has begun the construction of an “information infrastructure” that will include massive central data storage, comprehensive data repositories, and simple-to-use collaboration software.
To help oversee these efforts, OIT has hired Mark Ratliff, one of the original developers of JSTOR, a popular online scholarly journal archive, as our new “digital repository architect.” And OIT has acquired and installed several products that aim to simplify the management of digital content for all members of the University community.

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