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Tech Spotlights: Finding and using free images on the Web

English: Species: (Helophilus intentus ) Curra...

English: Species: (Helophilus intentus ) Curran & Fluke, 1922 Finding place: Restoule Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada -- 2008 September Français : Helophilus intentus ) Photo prise dans le parc provinçal Restoule en Ontario au Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the slideshow from out tech Spotlight Session on 10/21/2010.

Here’s a link to the handout (PDF): Finding and Using Free Images on the Web.pdf

Technology Spotlights: Microsoft PhotoStory

Photo Story

Photo Story (Photo credit: Mark Emery Photography)

PhotoStory is a free program by Microsoft that works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. With PhotoStory you can create a slide show with you digital pictures, edit your pictures, create a story with original music and add narration. PhotoStory also allows you to add titles to each picture and select different transitions between slides.

PHOTOSTORY Instructions.pdf

Technology Spotlights: Creating Video Using The Kodak Zi8

English: Eastman Kodak model B

English: Eastman Kodak model B (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This session was designed to show you how to incorporate the use of video in your class using the Kodak Zi8 Pocket video camera. With this camera you can:

  • Capture and critique student and instructor interviews and/or presentations
  • Assess student oral language skills
  • Capture video outside classroom for future discussions

To learn more about the Kodak Zi8 camera and how to use it in the classroom download the following document: Kodak Zi8 Video Camera-1.docx

Tech Spotlights: Wimba

Wimba 1.jpg

Wimba is used to enrich language learning programs. This audio tool can be used for instructors to create assignments that require students to post their recordings from within the Blackboard course site. Instructors can use this tool to verbally explain complex material and send voice comments on papers and assignments. Wimba can also be used to teach pronunciation, rhythm, stress and emphasis.

Click on the link below to get started using Wimba.
Wimba-Instructor Instructions.pdf

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New Google Search Views

wheel.gifGoogle has added two new ‘views’ of search results: the Wonder Wheel and the Timeline.  Wonderwheel creates a simple topic map of results with the search query in the center and related searches branching out. Clicking on any of the related search expands the topic map to include more nodes.

The timeline view, as you might imagine, creates a timeline based on dates associated with the documents found in the search. To try these out, do a search on Google and then look for a link labeled ‘Show Options’.  In the left-hand menu you will find links to ‘Wonder Wheel’ and ‘Timeline’