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Using Wolfram|Alpha to Find Information on Languages

wolfram_alpha_logo.pngWolfram|Alpha is a computation knowledge engine. It was just launched this past weekend. What makes it different than Google? The way you ask the questions in Wolfram|Alpha gives you more detailed results. To search how many native speakers are in the world for Spanish, you would type in “native speakers of Spanish”. Your answer would be a clean table that lists the countries and how many native speakers of Spanish are in that country. With Google, you may get more variety of choices to find an answer (like Wikipedia).

Wolfram|Alpha also has the ability to search other information about languages. You can compare languages side by side, you can get number names in a language, or just get information and maps about a language. If you would like to see how you can search for language information using Wolfram|Alpha, check out the link below and start searching: