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Multilingual Zotero (In Test Phase)

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Zotero announced today that they will be releasing Multilingual Zotero. This software will allow scholars that working in multiple languages to correctly format multilingual data. It also deletes duplicates.

To learn more or to download the Multilingual Zotero, click on the link below:


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Google Cloud Connect: Sync Microsoft Office Docs with Google Docs

Google has created an add-on for Microsoft Office called Google Cloud Connect. You can now share your Microsoft Office Docs, Spreadsheets, and PowerPoints by saving a copy in Cloud Connect. Then you can add people to view it and the copy will open in Google Docs for them. To read more about the Google Cloud Connect, read the Mashable article below:


Creating TEI files with OpenOffice or LibreOffice

NOTE: The following no longer seems to work. It seems to have been replaced by OxGarage, an online file conversion utility.  The original jar files are still available in the Sourceforge archives for the project but they will most likely not work with recent versions of OpenOffice or LibreOffice

TEI is a flavor of XML that is particularly suited to working with text.  If you are reading this, you probably knew that. What you may not know is that OpenOffice and the LibreOffice can be set up to export files as TEI 4 or TEI 5 compliant files. To install the filters necessary to do this, follow these steps:

Download the TEI4 and TEI5 .jar files from sourceforge:

Open OpenOffice Writer or LibreOffice Writer and open the ‘XML Filter Settings’ window from the Tools menu.

Click the ‘Open Package’ button and then navigate to the jar files you downloaded from sourceforge. Install each package. You should now find TEI4 and TEI5 listed in the menu of filetype choices when you go to ‘Save As’.

Technology in Modern Foreign Languages: A practitioner’s perspective

Technology in Modern Foreign Language is an anothology of blog posts from boxoftricks.net concerning the effective use of mostly web2.0 tools for foreign language teaching. Topics include: using images in the classroom, tools for getting pupils talking, RSS, Wordle and much more. The posts have been edited to book form and posted on Scribd.