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Cut YouTube Videos into Shorter Clips and Share

tubechop_logo.pngTubeChop is an online tool that allows for you to enter a YouTube video URL and choose a new start and end point for the video. Lets say the YouTube video you want to show in class is really long (as in 20 minutes) and you only want to show 2 minutes of that video, TubeChop allows you to choose the two minutes you want to show and share that video clip with others. You share the newly edited video through a url provided by TubeChop or the embed code provided by TubeChop.

If you would like to learn more or would like to test out TubeChop, click on the link below:


Find Video Lectures and Topics in Lecture with a Search Engine

talkminer_logo.pngHave you ever wanted to find lectures of certain topics by using a search engine or site? Did you ever want to search for a video based off of the site that is hosting it, or if it has slides? Did you ever want to just view the one part of a lecture that contains the keywords you are looking for? TalkMiner is the search engine for you. To check out lectures in depth and to watch only the part that deals with the keywords you are looking for, click on the link below and give it a try: