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Busuu.com: A Language Learning Community



Busuu.com is just like another website we reviewed earlier on this blog called Livemocha. Busuu.com is very similar to Livemocha in that you can review language vocab, listen to a conversation (but you can  answer questions based off the conversation in Busuu.com) which includes the vocab, and speak to others in the community to practice the language and write in the language and grade others in their written and audio assignments. What’s different is the availability of downloadable materials. To download vocab, you need to pay for an upgraded service (you can sign up for free service). What I like about Busuu.com more than Livemocha is that the vocab is practical conversational vocab, not just a review of random words in another language. What makes Livemocha better than Busuu.com is the multiple flashcard (which is free and you can print out) and vocab reviews that help prep you for the writing exercising and the audio exercises. You are also limited to a few languages with the free Busuu.com suscription, which is not the case with LiveMocha. You can learn many more languages for free at that site. Regardless, Busuu.com is a great place to learn a new language. To learn more about Busuu.com, click on the link below:



Yodio: Creating Audio (via Your Phone) with a Photo SlideShow

yodio_logo.jpgYodio is a web service that allows for you to record audio (either through a mic on your computer or by calling a number to record a message). You can then use Yodio to upload images that can make a slideshow for your audio. You can share the yodio by either email or you can embed it into a web site. You can get a free account by signing up at Yodio or you can create yodios to sell by upgrading your membership. There is no limit to how many yodios you can create, but there is a limit on space for the free account. To check out more about Yodio, click on the link below:


SlideShare: Share Your SlideShows with the World or Make it Private

slideshare_logo.jpgSlideShare is a great free web based service that allows for you to upload your slideshows (or pdfs) to make a presentation slideshow that your viewers can play. You can make your slideshows open to the public or you can keep them private and invite certain people to view it. You also have a comments feature so you can get feedback from your peers. SlideShare also allows for you to sync up audio with your slides. If somebody likes your presentation or you would like to feature it in your website or blog, you are able to embed that slideshow into a webpage (Blackboard course) or blog or share it in other web 2.0 social services like Facebook.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account to get started. To learn more about SlideShare, click on the link below:


Livemocha: World’s Largest Language Learning Commmunity


Livemocha is a free website where you can learn different languages, practice what you learn (writing exercises), get feedback on your work, and find foreign language partners from around the world. You will have to sign up for an account. Some people have compared it to Rosetta Stone, but you have a community to connect to. Livemocha is self described as a social language learning site. There’s also a sample of Livemocha (under Livemocha Challenge) if you would like to preview it without signing up.

Livemocha: http://www.livemocha.com/

Avatar Languages: SlideShow of Web 2.0 Tools for Language Teaching

The slideshow below (includes audio) was created by Avatar Languages. They walk you through how to use a couple of free web 2.0 applications to teach languages. What’s nice about the presentation is that it shows you how to use it in the classroom. There is a webpage that goes along with this slideshow as well.

Website: http://www.avatarlanguages.com/pedagogy.php